Lunch with Mark Victor Hansen & Crystal Hansen

Had the pleasure to hang out with and his lovely wife. What a pleasure such wonderful people

I was driving home late one afternoon from Hollywood and I got a call from my good friend Ken Rutkowski to come over and meet Mark Victor Hansen and his lovely wife Crystal. Clearly an opportunity I could not miss, especially being a major fan. In case you are not familiar with Mark, he  is best known as the co-author of one of the biggest selling books of all time, “Chicken Soup for the soul” over 100 million books in print as well as one of today’s leading motivational speakers. His wife Crystal is also a well know author and speaker with a series of her own books and CD’s. Her latest book is “Pure Thoughts for Pure results”. I have to say I had a blast and really enjoyed the conversation but most of all just being around such positive people was pure joy. I was buzzing all the way home. Thanks brother Ken for the invite, what a treat! I owe ya :o)